Meet Emmanuel G. Morel

Emmanuel G. Morel is an accomplished Senior Executive, Entrepreneur, and Consultant with more than 30 years of success in both government and private sectors. Leveraging extensive experience in labor legislation administration, Emmanuel has valuable knowledge in the healthcare sector, labor, communications, insurance, and technology. Emmanuel’s broad areas of expertise include labor laws, government contracts, service contracts, management, business planning, taxes, accounting, and negotiations between opposing parties. Emmanuel Morel is a natural leader. He knows how essential it is to work fairly, demonstrating a man with integrity, competence and independence. He has dedicated his life to fighting as the voice for the voiceless, weak and vulnerable ones of our society.

In 1995, Mr. Morel founded a non- profit organization, Point of Light Counseling Services, Inc., in Lake Worth. It is now called For the Children, Inc.

Emmanuel G. Morel grew up in abject poverty and knows what it's like to look at the world through the eyes of someone from the very bottom. The years 1967 through 1970 defined his whole existence. He grew up quickly due to harsh situations in early life. His difficult childhood provided the basis for a life dedicated to providing a hand up from poverty to as many people as possible. In 1983, Emmanuel joined the Wage and Hour Division of the Department of Labor and served as a Federal Investigator and Compliance Officer for 22 years. For the last three years of his tenure with the Department, Emmanuel served as the Assistant Director. He improved the departments productivity by 300% and decreased absenteeism by 75% during this period.

Emmanuel is also the founder of Employment Business Solutions, Inc., a labor consulting firm which he currently operates today. His firm works with small to mid-sized companies that are being audited by the government and assists them during negotiations.

Presently, he is also the President of the Democratic Caucus of Palm Beach County.